Take care of your teeth

The teeth are fragile and if you do not take care of them you will have to go to the doctor of the teeth, the dreaded dentist! Do not panic, Moms explains how to take care of children’s teeth.


Teeth should be cleaned like the head, feet or arms. You should wash your teeth 2 to 3 times a day, for at least 3 minutes. It’s time for a song! Taking care of one’s teeth is learned by the family as soon as milk teeth appear. Little kids love to behave like grown-ups and play to brush their teeth. From 6 years old they can wash their own teeth, with a toothbrush adapted to their age.

But what happens if you do not wash your teeth? The bacteria in the food attack the teeth and cause so-called “caries”. These are holes that form on the tooth by destroying tooth enamel (the white part that covers and protects the tooth). At first we do not feel anything, but if we wait too long, it becomes very painful!

So you have to wash your teeth every day and check your dentist’s teeth regularly.


This is a very simple and fun tip to remember how to brush your teeth: “always pink to white”. Pink is the gum and white is the teeth. The brush must always move from pink to white. Easy, right?

To be sure to thoroughly clean all teeth, use the technique tested and approved by Moms: the technique of top-to-back (or DDD). First we brush the TOOTH of the teeth, then the FRONT (for a nice smile!) And finally the BEHIND of the teeth. And here you go around the mouth and no tooth has been forgotten!


The dental surgeon (or dentist) is the doctor who heals the teeth. It is he who repairs broken teeth or cavities. Many people are very scared of the dentist but the best way to not hurt is to take good care of your teeth!

The orthodontist is a dental surgeon specializing in the proper positioning of teeth. He is in charge of dental appliances for children, but also for adults. Yes, we can have “rings” at any age!

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