Suggestions for orthodontic treatments in adults

The orthodontics for adults has a very different children starting point. As the bones no longer grow, there may be loss of teeth or even the bone that supports the teeth; as well as previous treatments, such as implants, crowns, etc. Also, moving the teeth to their natural position may be slower than in the case of children’s dentistry.

All this means that in difficult cases the coordination of different specialists ( dentists , maxillofacial surgeons , endodontists , periodontitis and orthodontists ) may be required to design a coordinated and global strategy that allows solving all problems of the oral cavity and proportional patient perfect denture.

In the same way that one of the fundamental reasons that adults decide to undergo orthodontics is aesthetics, there are many who renounce it for the same reason, since they do not want to be seen with the known metal brackets, which It is the image that most people have about orthodontics. Although it also influences the discomfort of thinking that the treatment should last at least two years.

Orthodontic suggestions for adults

However, currently dentistry already has other resources to make the orthodontics of adults is little visible to others.

Lingual orthodontics

It is one of the alternatives. It consists of the placement of the device between the teeth and the tongue.

The invisible orthodontics

It is very recent. It consists of the use of transparent splints made of silicone or other materials similar to plastic, which are not only barely perceptible, but can also be removed when deemed appropriate.

However, although the aesthetic is, in one sense or another, the main focus of attention when talking about orthodontics for adults, the truth is that what is really important in any case is to have a well-placed and healthy denture, which allows to optimize the functionality of the mouth and solve existing structural problems.

When is orthodontics advised in the case of adults?

And the sooner it is better still, since in adults the resolution of malocclusion problems, dental crowding, etc. is more complex. Any treatment that is carried out on dentures with problems of this type, suffers the risk of compromising its effectiveness in the medium and long term.

Before performing an orthodontics, make sure that the gums are completely healthy and, if not, perform an appropriate periodontal treatment. Only then can we start orthodontics.

On the other hand, in the case that it is necessary to replace some lost dental piece, in some cases it is better to do the orthodontics first and place the implant later, since we are talking about titanium screws that are fixed in the bone and have to be placed in the exact place to properly align with the other teeth.

Despite this, although the implant has been performed before undergoing orthodontics, it can be performed without any problem. It even offers the advantage that when dealing with pieces that are not altered their position and can serve as anchor for the appliances. In addition, orthodontics is also possible if the patient has crowns on the teeth.

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